The first mermaid school opens in the Netherlands

Swimming is a way to a healthy life. But now it is also a way to a fairy tale life. Well-trained swimmers in the Netherlands have the opportunity to swap their goggles for a tail.

Being either ominous creatures portending harm or benign beauties falling in love with men from the mainland, now mermaids come to real life. Anyone who is a good swimmer can become a mermaid for a day. Or even for a whole lifetime. The first mermaid school for adults opened in the Netherlands on 12 June at Dijnselburg swimming pool in Zeist. There, assisted by professionally trained divers, people can learn how to become mermaids or mermen.

Mermaids during a training at the mermaid school in Zeist. Photo:

With the help of Marijke Pie, also known as “Mermaid Crystal”, who works in cooperation with ESKO Diveworld – a diving club in Zeist, people can learn how to turn their back to the boring world of humans and get in touch with the magical universe of mermaids. On 12 June people from all ages had the chance to put colourful tails on and swim side by side with the professional mermaids from the mermaid school. Everyone who is eager to learn more about mermaid diving techniques and mermaids in general is free to subscribe to the mermaid school. However, Marijke Pie reiterates that people must be good swimmers in order to start lessons at the school.

The mermaid course has three levels and the first one starts at the end of September. There people will learn basic swimming techniques such as stretching before going swimming, swimming with a tail, as well as safety measures because according to Mermaid Crystal safety is of paramount importance. In the second level, people will learn the most important mermaid stuff such as mermaid make-up and hairstyles as well as how to take photos under the water. In the last level, people will learn how to dive as mermaids and how to keep their breath for a longer time.

Pie’s idea for this first of its kind school in the Netherlands came up mainly because she had always been into swimming and being next to water. Also, when she was a child, she was a keen fan of Ariel. Now, this mermaid school is like a dream has come true for her. Pie, however, shares that the main incentive for the school was that many people were asking her more and more about mermaid stuff such as how to dive as mermaids and swim with tails as well as how to make mermaid hairstyles and make-up, thus, she decided to help all these people by setting up this school.

But what is it to be a mermaid? You can find out here in my interview with some of the mermaids at their open training:

The filming of the video was made in collaboration with Kalina Tekelieva.

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