Speed dating with robots can help people with dementia

At present, there are 250, 000 people in the Netherlands who suffer from dementia and their number is expected to double by 2040. However, speed dating with Tessa – a small talking robot designed by Tinybots, is taking a step further in the care of people with dementia.

For the last one year Tinybots has been developing Tessa – a small talking robot designed to help people with dementia. Tessa does this by giving them daily reminders and suggestions and playing personal music. In this way the families of people with dementia do not need to turn into “walking calendars” who have to repeat the same thing hundred times a day, Wang Long Li, CEO of Tinybots, explained in an interview.

Through the “Speed dating with robots” event at the De Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap in Groningen the team of Tinybots was trying to further improve Tessa. The purpose of the event was to find out what kind of person liked what kind of personality, hence, what personality should be developed for the four different types of Tessa. All enthusiasts, who were queueing to speed date with Tessa, had a one-minute conversation with each of the four Tessa robots. After that, they had to fill in a form which robot they liked and why.

But how exactly does Tessa help people with dementia?  You can find out here in my interview with the CEO of Tessa:

Note: The filming of the video was made in collaboration with Kalina Tekelieva.

Featured image: digitaltrends.com

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