Web11 Conference or how technology can build smart ecosystems

Nowadays many ecosystems are exploited and not compensated for. Solutions for their preservation have to be found before they are killed. Web11 Foundation provides solutions from an ecosystem perspective and engages in actively building smart ecosystems by applying innovative high-end tech solutions.

Technology – the solution to managing smart ecosystems

People pollute ecosystems and it is the ecosystem which suffers from that. However, if the ecosystems die, it will be the people who will suffer. Hence, it is crucial that people make ecosystems autonomous, measure to what extent they are exploited, and hold its users responsible.

According to Berco Beute, co-founder of Web11 Foundation, managing smart ecosystems through technology is the only way of making an ecosystem reach its balance in such a way that everyone in the ecosystem wins. “The truth is that by applying innovative technology, people can make any ecosystem reach its optimum. They can make the ecosystem smart, self-aware, so then people who use that ecosystem should compensate for it,” Beute explained.

“Technology provides the solutions to managing smart ecosystems.” Photo: Shutterstock.

He clarified that the term “ecosystem” encompasses not only the natural ecosystems such as rivers, seas, forests, mountains, and air but also the artificial ones, such as cities, factories, and farms. “All these ecosystems should get a voice. Give the river a voice, give the forest a voice, give the city a voice. The only way to do that is by making them smart.”

And this is where technology comes into play. Beute explained there are five steps people should take in order to make an ecosystem smart. First, they should define the assets of the ecosystem, for example, if it is a river, the assets are fresh water and fish. Next, they should define the stakeholders in this ecosystem. Then, they should find out what the legal and economic agreements between these stakeholders are or if there are no agreements at all.

Following that, they should make agreements between the stakeholders – for example, if a party pollutes the water, they should compensate for that, or if a party contributes to clean water, they should be credited for that. Once the agreements are made, the ecosystem can be measured and this is where technology comes in. “With technology, we can measure the river pollution, or simply anything that is specific for this ecosystem. And once we measure it, we can improve it. In the end, we can assign who has done it. When we find who pollutes the river, we can make them compensate and this compensation can also be automated through technology.”

Web11 Conference

We look at the problems in ecosystems with ecosystem glasses, from the ecosystem perspective.”

Be it through innovations in software, IT, or the legal area, technology provides all solutions necessary for making ecosystems transparent, measurable, and automated so that they can save themselves. This is the focus of Web11 Conference which will take place this Friday, 10 November.

The goal of the Conference is not only to create awareness of the problems in the ecosystems but also to build a community of like-minded people who can discuss possible solutions. “We not only think of how to make ecosystems smart, we engineer them by applying innovative technologies. It is about what tools to use to make it happen – not only in terms of software but also hardware,” Beute explained.

“We look at the problems in ecosystems with ecosystem glasses, from the ecosystem perspective.” This is why anyone who feels that something needs to be done to save the planet is welcome to the Conference. From people who can build software models, to economists who can think of value exchange, to blockchain fans – Beute invited anyone who is interested in making ecosystems smart.

“We have a new way of looking at the world, a new way of saving ecosystems. It is a big dream but it is attainable thanks to technology.”

Photo: Web11 Foundation.


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