About me

Mission: I want quality to become a norm in writing.

Vision: I want to help businesses create the high-quality content they need to be successful. I want to assist them to communicate their ideas in ways which will attract more listeners. Concurrently, I aim to encourage readers to focus on the background of a story and not only on its surface by digging into the heart of the story.



An avid reader by heart, a journalist by education, and a writer by calling I have been making my way in the field of media and communication since 2015.

It took me almost a decade to find who I am and what I want to do for a living. I devoted five years to being an English language teacher to people of all ages, six to being a translator, and two to following my ambition to become an interpreter at the European Parliament. Luckily, my Master’s in Journalism lit my path and since then I have known my real passion is to write.


As a wordsmith with a journalist’s passion for research, a copywriter’s eye for detail, and a novelist’s love of language I can provide services in journalism, content writing, and social media management. My interests include but are not limited to technology, innovation, startups, women’s rights, gender equality, and social issues.


How do I make myself stand out from the crowd? Quality trumps quantity in my work and I would rather spend a week toiling at one quality article than churning out five mediocre ones.


I chose journalism because of the incessant “Why?” inside me – my unwavering curiosity to always know things, ask questions, and find answers.

I did not choose writing, writing chose me. Since the age of seven when I wrote a short story which won me a prize at a children’s writing content, writing has been an inseparable part of me.

On a final note: “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write,” by Martin Luther is the quote that triggers my everyday work motivation.


Located in the beautiful city of Groningen, I am eager to work with businesses from all corners of the Netherlands (and other European countries).


I tend to check my email more than 20 times a day, so shoot me a message anytime you want.


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