When your job is your passion

Scorching sun, 38°-40° in the shade. Two young guys are briskly cutting wood. On a nearby meandering path, lizards are crawling. Despite the heat and the numerous thorns, spines, and prickles the two lads are trimming fern and collecting branches for the shelter they are making. Spending a day like that in the forest is not uncommon for Tsvetan and Svetoslav. This is their passion and way of living. Continue reading “When your job is your passion”

Bulgaria split for the forthcoming referendum

Bulgarians hold conflicting opinions for the upcoming referendum for remote electronic voting in October. Rosen Plevneliev – the president of Bulgaria, proposed earlier this year three questions for referendums which he considered “topical for the Bulgarian nation” – the introduction of majority voting, compulsory voting, and electronic voting. Continue reading “Bulgaria split for the forthcoming referendum”

Warm welcome awaits refugees in Groningen, but not from everyone

Groningen generously welcomed refugees yesterday but there are no clear solutions how the migrant problem might be dealt with in the future. “Vluchtelingen Welkom” (Refugees Welcome) took place on September 14 at Grote Markt and the square was half full of demonstrators – from young students to old people holding posters with slogans such as “Hort nodig” (Heart needed). Continue reading “Warm welcome awaits refugees in Groningen, but not from everyone”